PACT Fungal Nail Treatment

A safe and effective treatment for fungal nails

Here at Joanne McParland podiatry, we offer PACT treatment for fungal nail infections across Newry and surrounding areas. You’ll receive personalised treatment for your fungal nail infection from our fully qualified specialists.

What is PACT?

Photodynamic Antimicrobial Therapy (PACT®) is a new revolutionary approach for the treatment of fungal nails. The PACT® Nail Fungus Gel is applied to the nails, which in turn makes the fungus responsive to the PACT® lamp. The lamp is then focussed onto the nail, which destroys the fungal cells and enables a new healthy nail to grow out. This treatment is painless and safe.

Who is it suitable for?

PACT therapy is suitable for those with a fungal toenail which is categorised as mild to somewhat infected. If the fungal infection is penetrating past the cuticle, into the nail root area, the effectiveness of this treatment is significantly lessened. This is because there is a large portion of the nail which can’t be seen, and lies below the cuticle. As this can’t be seen, it means the light cannot penetrate this area of the infected nail.